Now offering Historical Inn accommodations in Vermont, The Grey Gables Mansion located in Richford, Vermont was built between 1890-1892, for a prosperous Richford entrepreneur, Sheldon Boright. By-gone days are recalled in this stately mansion. Mr. Boright, a wealthy wood baron, lived in the home with his young family. Much of the land in Richford was owned by Mr. Boright, including the land beyond the river. Here he would race his horses. He would invite his friends over for lavish parties in the ballroom formerly located on the third floor. The guests could wander up to the widow's peak and watch the horses race off in the distance. 

Historic Vermont Mansions and Accommodations The stately balloon-framed mansion exhibits a typical multi-gabled, asymmetrical design, complete with ornate exterior woodwork, a wrap-around porch and porte-cochere, projecting bays, stained glass window sash, and variegated wall and roof sheathing materials, typical of the Queen Anne style.

The interior, as well, is also intact, displaying such period detail as found in the carved walnut and mahogany staircases, library and second floor bedroom fireplaces, and original, dark varnished door and window architraves which 
are composed of reeding pilaters rising up to molded cornices.

The rather elaborate design and decorative detailing of the house was taken from a popular late-nineteenth century architectural pattern book entitled, Pallisterís American Cottage Homes (1878) and then adapted, by Richford builder M.E. Dodge, to both suite the needs of the Borights and to make use of the locally-available materials. The original house design, found on the cover of Pallisterís 1878 pattern book, was actually used by George Pallister, himself, in the construction of his home in Seaside Park, a suburb of Bridgeport, CT. This building, however, is no longer standing, leaving the Boright House as perhaps the only surviving example of its kind in the country, and certainly, the only one of its kind in the State of Vermont.

The Borights lived in the home until 1943 when it was sold.  

In the 1960's, the home was purchased by Hazel Weatherby, a cousin of Norman Rockwell. Mrs. Weatherby was a local schoolteacher and artist. Every year as an end of the year treat, Mrs. Weatherby would invite her students over for a tour of The Grey Gables Mansion. Upon her death, the mansion was inherited by her daughter who had married into the Bergeron family. Mrs. Weatherby's descendants now live in New Hampshire.  

The Mansion became a nursing home a short time thereafter. In the early 1990's, The Mansion underwent major renovations. IN 2002, The Mansion was purchased and turned into a Bed & Breakfast. 

Stories circulate around Richford about the ghosts which haunt The Grey Gables. Though we have never seen or heard any, many people have lived in and loved The Mansion. One of the ghosts is referred to as an old lady who likes to clean. I wish this one was true. It would save me alot of hard work!


122 River Street, Richford, Vermont 05476
     Toll Free: 800.299.2117    Phone: 802.848.3625                 



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